11 September 2011

Is it all over?

After some heavy rain over the last few days and with a bit of a breeze it was decided to venture down to the local Swallow roost to see what was still about.

Swallows numbers overhead were well down with a the largest group only being around 60 birds.

The first trawl of the nets resulted in another 3 Sedge Warblers for this years total and the next two visits to the nets didn't produce anything at all leading to thoughts that the summer season could be over.

A final visit to the nets in the fading light produced another Sedge Warbler and 22 Swallows, one of which was a youngster sporting a ring on its left leg. Unless it got ringed on the wrong leg, we usually ring on the right leg on East Mainland, a left leg ring would indicate that it had been ringed somewhere over on West Mainland (For those not familiar with Orkney the main island of the Orkney island group is referred to as Mainland). So we'll wait and see where it was originally ringed and by who. Could it be one of the ones I ringed on the nest earlier in the year??

The forecast is not looking promising for the next couple of days but hopefully we can get out again later in the week and see if our luck is any better, otherwise ringing on this site could be over for this year. The arrival on North Ronaldsay of a Reed Warbler provides hope that we may get some at our site as we haven't seen any so far.

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