22 May 2012

Is it about timing? Dunno!

They say it's all about timing.

Today was a case in hand.

This afternoon I was half way between home and Kirkwall taking my good lady to the hospital for a routine appointment when the mobile goes.

It was my trainer. He had just found a nest containing three Dunnock chicks in his garden and they were ready for ringing, was I interested? I sure was. I dropped my good lady off at the hospital and went straight round to my trainer's house, about two minutes from the hospital.

He showed me where the nest was. Mr and Mrs Dunnock couldn't have picked a bush with more thorns on if they had tried. Fortunately on this occassion my trainer retrieved the chicks from the nest and once I had ringed them he also put them back.

That was another new species of chicks for me, the third this year. I wonder what will be next.

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