27 August 2013

Another Stormie session

In the early hours of yesterday morning (26 Aug) Colin and myself were back at our Storm Petrel site on Deerness. As I get to take the English Bank Holiday off it didn't matter about having a late finish if we got a good catch.

With the net set it didn't look too hopeful to start with as the sky cleared and there was just over half a moon high in the sky lighting things up. The fog didn't reduce the effects of the moon too much either.

After about half an hour we caught our first bird and there was steady trickle of one or two birds with a maximum catch of five birds over the next three hours.

In the end we caught 14 new birds continuing the theme of very few retraps. We closed the net at around 03:15 and headed for home.

Meanwhile Andy and Stan were at their ringing site on South Ronaldsay and over a similar time span they also caught 14 birds, 12 new ones and two retraps.

Hopefully there will be a few more sessions yet but the forecast isn't looking too good for the rest of this week.

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