23 September 2013

More from the reed bed

Tonight, with wind having dropped right down, Colin, Stan and myself were back in the reed bed.

There were still Swallows about but probably in the low hundreds rather than the 1000+ from Saturday evening.

The first net round produced two Sedge Warblers and a Reed Bunting.

The second net round produced another Reed Bunting, a Wren and 18 Swallows.

With the light fading and the rain starting we called it a night.

There's still a possibility of one more session during the week if there is a suitable weather opportunity before we call it quits for the season.

Totals caught this season so far:
  Blackbird                2
  Linnet                   1
  Pied Wagtail            13
  Reed Bunting            18
  Sand Martin              8
  Sedge Warbler          103
  Starling                22
  Swallow                768
  Thrush Nightingale       1
  Willow Warbler           1
  Wren                     4
  Total                  941

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