21 October 2014

Berstane House

On Saturday, 18 Oct 14, Colin, Stan and myself went to do some ringing in the grounds of Berstane House on the outskirts of Kirkwall.

This was a new ringing site for me and Stan but somewhere Colin used to ring 30 odd years ago.

We set four nets, three in the woods and one on the lawn in front of the house.

It was pretty quiet for the first hour and a half but just before I had to leave a net round produced a Goldcrest and two Wrens.

Further net rounds after I left produced two Blackbirds, a Goldcrest, five House Sparrows, two Robins and another Wren.

So not a bad first visit and hopefully there will be more visits over the coming months.

Thanks to Nancy for letting us do some ringing.

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