31 August 2011

Sedgies and Midgies

This broken leg has meant that I have missed out on some recent ringing sessions down at the local Swallow roost.

However, as I can now start putting a little weight on my leg it's time to start getting my hand back in. So this evening, as there was little wind and it was dry I joined some of the other members of the ringing group down at the roost. I might not be able to go out to the nets and extract the birds but I can certainly sit by the car and process the catch, despite the midges. Must remember to take the repellent next time!!

It wasn't a particularly busy session, i.e. no Swallows caught despite there being several hundred in the skies above us, but we did add around another 10 Sedge Wablers to this years total which has now passed through the 100 mark at this one site.

Sedge Warbler

We also processed a couple of Wrens, one of which was an adult in moult so I got the chance to look at how to do moult scoring.

If the weather stays reasonable we might have another go tomorrow night.

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