8 October 2012

30 Jul 12 - 21 Sep 12 - The Swallow Season

This year saw me make seven visits to the local Swallow roost reed bed. The number of Swallows was down on the last couple of years as like so many other parts of the country the weather hasn’t been the best summer could offer. If it wasn’t raining the wind was too strong to open the mist nets.

So rather than break the season down visit by visit, as I’m trying to catch up on the blog, here is a summary of the birds I ringed this season with retraps in brackets:

Pied Wagtail             1

Reed Bunting           8 (2)

Sand Martin             1

Sedge Warbler         17 (1)

Starling                   1

Swallow                  85

Wren                      2

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