24 October 2011

A flash of 'Blue' inspiration

As I sit here listening to the Force 6 gusting 7 wind which the locals refer to as a gentle breeze it was interesting to read on the BBC News pages about a Kingfisher that has recently been retrapped at Orford Ness in Suffolk.

The Kingfisher is a rare sight up here, but I have seen a few on the Scottish Mainland and in England. Most people are amazed at the bright Blue of the plumage which is usually the first thing they see as it whizzes past as it flies along a river. When they perch on a branch over hanging a river or on a post next to a stream the Orange of the body also stands out well. These birds are often considered a local resident just patrolling their patch of river bank.

So it was interesting to read that the Kingfisher caught at Orford Ness was wearing a Polish ring making this particular bird a record breaker. The actual part of Poland it was ringed in is yet to be confirmed but it is thought to have flown at least 620 miles (1000km) breaking the current record of 603 miles (970km).

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