30 October 2011

More Blackies

After ringing my first Blackcap yesterday it was a pleasant surprise this morning, when I came out of the garage, to spot a movement on the far side of the garden which turned out to be a male Blackcap.

Moving as quickly as I could into the house, hobble permitting, I grabbed the binoculars to get a closer look and found not one but two males skulking around the base of one of the trees and the surrounding undergrowth. It was a pleasure to watch them flitting around.

Whilst watching them foraging other movement through the field of view kept distracting me so I scanned around to see what else was around. A female Chaffinch and a male Brambling were quickly spotted.

By now the two Blackcaps had moved further down the garden and were joined by a third. There could have been more as they were in and out of the undergrowth and bushes, but three was the most seen in one go. They seemed to like feeding on the various red berries we have in the garden. Hope they leave some for the Waxwings.

This was about as good as I could get.

1 comment:

  1. Nice to see a new bird species in the garden, here's hoping for some more :)