26 June 2013

Raptor chicks

If you thought I was going to do another post on gull chicks tonight you would nearly have been right, however I had the opportunity to go raptor ringing instead.

All the sites visited were over on the West Mainland. I met up with Marc and then we headed off to meet up with Brian to complete the team.

The first site was one I have ringed at before and had a Kestrel nest. This nest held five chicks, one more than last year.

Female Kestrel chick
Male Kestrel chick
Kestrel chick
The remaining three sites that we visited were all Hen Harrier nests. A special permit is required to visi these nests so it was a privilege to be able to get close to these birds.

The first nest held five chicks, four females and one male; the second nest held four chicks, three females and one male and the last nest held three chicks, two females and one that was too small to sex so was not ringed.

All the chicks were well developed and looking pretty healthy so there should be an excellent chance that they will all fledge.

Many thanks to Brian for taking us out and to Marc for the photos.


  1. Hello Dave,

    Interesting stuff. I meant to ask you when I sawe you last week if the Kestrels were nesting on the ground. Down here in the deep south of northern England we ring them from boxes or old Crow nests.



  2. Hi Seumus, good to see you on my patch :-)
    This particular nest was in a box mounted on a post but I think that there may well be some that do nest on the ground up here.

    Cheers, Dave