4 June 2013

Hooded Crow Chicks

Another nice sunny day today only marred late afternoon by the arrival of some fog.

However, I had the opportunity to go out with Davie, one of the guys from the ringing group, after work this afternoon to visit a couple of Hooded Crow nests in Stenness. This was a chance for me to ring a new species.

We met up at the rendezvous point and walked a short distance to the first nest which contained three chicks. This was the more advanced nest of the two nest that we were going to visit.

The nest site
Closer look at the nest
One of the nest's residents
With the chicks ringed we moved onto the second nest. This nest contained four chicks which were a bit smaller and the feather development clearly less advanced compared with the chicks in the first nest.

The less advanced feather development
Thanks to Davie for inviting me along and for giving me a new species.

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